New Horizons "Bridge Building" Pack


This diversophy® New Horizons training instrument is designed to enhance the cultural competence of your group and its people. It empowers those who play it to live, work and communicate productively across differences. The game takes players from “ethnocentricity” — being centered in one’s own culture, the way we find ourselves when we first face diversity — to “diversophy,” a state of higher cultural sensitivity and skill.

Why play a game?

Games have long been used as powerful training instruments. They help create working models of human interaction, which enable learners to acquire and apply new knowledge and skills. They are especially useful for sensitive topics as they engage players emotionally in the low-risk environment created by an artificial field of play. 


How to play?

Each card features aspects about a different culture and invites players to share their own experiences and ideas. You can play diversophy® in groups of any size as long as you prepare enough cards. Subdivide the group into teams of 4 to 6 and give each group a pack of cards to play with.


If you prefer the convenience of a boxed set of high quality printed cards, you can now order the New Horizons "Bridge Building" Pack in an attractive boxed set. Printed in colour on attractive heavy card stock, the boxed set requires no card printing, cutting and glueing, and comes packaged in a durable plastic case for long term use in the class or training room.

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