Double Degree Tuition Fee


This tuition fee concerns double degree students coming to Jamk to study for maximum one full academic year (Autumn and Spring) as a double degree student. Please note that this tuition fee remains the same no matter the actual duration of your Jamk study period. The tuition fee must be paid before the 31st of July if starting your studies in the Autumn semester or by the 15th of December if you'll start your studies in the Spring semester. The payment must be received on time or you will lose your study right.


This tuition fee will only be seen as valid if the following terms are met:

  1. The student's home university must have a "double degree" bilateral agreement with Jamk.
  2. The student must be nominated by their home university.
  3. The student must have applied as a double degree student and been accepted by Jamk.
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